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Demystifying the Contract for Deed: New Legislation Aids Home Purchasers

New contract-for-deed legislation passed in the last session of the Minnesota Legislature empowers consumers to make more informed home purchase decisions, requiring disclosures by certain “serial” contract-for-deed sellers and amending the injunction statute as regards cancellation of contracts for deed. The 2013 Minnesota legislature has passed a new contract-for-deed disclosure statute applicable to sellers who frequently sell residential real […]

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Understanding Foreclosures on Real Property

Foreclosures are occurring at an astounding rate.  Many lawyers, not just those who practice in the area of foreclosure, will be fielding a wide variety of real property questions from their clients.   With foreclosures on real property occurring in record-breaking numbers, lawyers practicing in all areas should be familiar with the foreclosure process.  A client […]

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Pursuing the Predators: Regulators’ Response to Mortgage Fraud

 A weakening housing market has shed light on excesses that were easily overlooked when the market was strong. Both state and federal authorities are responding vigorously with legislation to clean up the mortgage industry, but the risk is that even honest practitioners may suffer the costs and trauma of investigation. For many people, becoming a […]

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