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Sharing the Experience: Assisting the Self-Represented Party

Even before the economy  went sour the number of clients appearing pro se was on the rise, as was the number of attorneys seeking clients.  Limited scope representation can help both attorneys and clients achieve their goals and also ease the burden on the courts. ttorneys are regularly reminded that the availability of legal services […]

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Pro Bono Band of Brothers

Opportunities for pro bono service are available to attorneys in all areas of practice and no two cases are alike. For four Minnesota attorneys who banded together from a variety of firms, a case came along that will forever stay in their hearts and minds. May we please come in!” begged one of the Riviera* […]

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Of Greatest Value is That Which We Give Away

By Leo I. Brisbois Boozhoo Niijii; Gdinimikoon. Hello, Friend; I greet you in a good way. The Ojibwe/Anishinaabe people, like a great many Indian tribes, have a ceremony known as a giveaway—miinidiwag. In it the person who is the focus of the ceremony does not receive gifts, but rather, they hand them away. Indian people […]

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Minnesota’s Legal Safety Net: Many Hands Intertwined

For more than 100 years, Minnesota has been a leader in providing legal services to meet the needs of disadvantaged people unable to afford a lawyer. Many individuals and organizations, including government, attorneys, law firms, and nonprofit organizations are involved in this effort, yet over 75 percent of the legal needs of low-income people are […]

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