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The Common Law of Morrison County

Former Minnesota Supreme Court Justice John E. Simonett passed away in July after long service to both the bench and bar of Minnesota.  His scholarship, humor, and affection for this state and its people will not soon be forgotten and are embodied in this article, which we reprint by permission. Ed. “There are three great […]

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Looking Back: A Century Without Executions

This spring marks the 100th anniversary of the abolition of capital punishment in Minnesota, a practice that has had a controversial and colorful history. The late comedian Pat Paulsen, who occasionally ran for president as a gag, was once asked whether he was in favor of capital punishment: “No,” the comic deadpanned, “Washington, D.C. has […]

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Play Ball: 50 Years of Twins Litigation Lore

The opening of a new stadium and the onset of the sixth decade of Twins baseball in Minnesota provides the occasion to reflect on some highlights and occasional lowlights of Twins litigation lore.

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Lincoln’s Minnesota Legacy

On February 12 the nation celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, the first president to take office following Minnesota’s becoming a state.  His presidency was marked by events arising in Minnesota, and our state’s legal and cultural history bears his stamp and commemorates his contributions.  It’s time for another historical celebration.  […]

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Minnesota Lawyers and Judges Who Made History

Lawyers and judges figured prominently among those who helped shape Minnesota in its formative years.  Reviewing the lives and times of a few of these lends perspective on our past and sheds light on how we might shape our future. “My dear young friend, I sincerely pity you. We have a population of 600, and 50 of them […]

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