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Using Pseudonyms in Sexual Abuse Cases

Allegations of sexual abuse pose particular challenges for courts that must balance the public’s right to know what’s happening in the judicial system against the very real risk that victims may be  revictimized if not allowed to shield their identity.  With much attention paid to recent sexual abuse allegations and decades of reports involving clergy sexual abuse of minors, it is not […]

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Are Your Clients Making You Crazy? How to Avoid Drama with Maddening Clients

Statistically, over 9 percent of American adults have a diagnosable personality disorder, so it’s likely that some clients you encounter are difficult, obnoxious, or just plain maddening. Given enough information about these disorders and how they may be presented by clients, lawyers can respond better and offer more effective representation. Here in Minnesota, the land […]

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Befriending Time: Breaking Free from Busyness or Stuckness

Attorneys typically function with one eye on the clock, often juggling competing priorities, demands and expectations, both those they impose on themselves and those they take on from others. Many respond with either perpetual busyness or perpetual stuckness.  Changing some personal practices may enable you to befriend time rather than treat it as an adversary. […]

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The Practice of Being: Mastering Stress & Finding Meaning as a Lawyer

High stress is a virtual hallmark of the legal profession and high rates of suicide, chemical dependency, and depression among lawyers demonstrate that managing stress is a challenge for many.  Practicing the mental disciplines of mindfulness, acceptance, and personal authenticity offers a way to quell stress and find greater meaning.

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