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Safeguarding Client Property: The Challenges of the Intangible

Handling client property has become significantly more challenging in the digital age as electronic property requires new ways of labeling, identification, and preservation, not to mention that it can exist in several places at the same time. n the good old days of physical property, life was simple.  The stagecoach would drop off a box […]

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Who Is My Client?

In the wake of the recent holiday parties some attorneys may have cause to reflect with concern on conversations they may have had with acquaintances who raised law-related questions.  Was an attorney-client relationship formed, and if so, what are the implications? Many of us vaguely remember encountering variations of this rhetorical question in the hypotheticals we discussed in […]

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Attorney Specialization: Good for the Attorney, the Profession, and the Public

Thirty years have passed since Chief Justice Warren Burger called for the legal profession to begin certifying specialists in various areas of law.  While today it’s more common to hear people question whether more lawyers are needed, there’s a clear need for more certified lawyers. In the 1973 Sonnett Memorial Lecture at Fordham Law School, Chief […]

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Cuba’s Legal Composite: A Blend of the Familiar and the Foreign

Ancient American cars and ubiquitous posters featuring Che Guevara—these were among many reminders of the foreign and the familiar MSBA members encountered on their visit to Cuba.  The billboard reads, “We see you each day … pure as a child or as a pure man, Che Commander, friend” Viewed through the lens of another country’s […]

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How Interesting … Statutory Interest on Awards, Verdicts, Judgments, and Debts in Minnesota

In an economy where margins are thin and the average return on investment continues to scuffle, the statutory interest rates for awards, verdicts, debts, and judgments are an increasingly important consideration for attorneys and their clients.  The interest rates are higher than one might think, but the statutes and cases governing interest are complex and […]

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The Common Law of Morrison County

Former Minnesota Supreme Court Justice John E. Simonett passed away in July after long service to both the bench and bar of Minnesota.  His scholarship, humor, and affection for this state and its people will not soon be forgotten and are embodied in this article, which we reprint by permission. Ed. “There are three great […]

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Lost in the Virtual World: Fending Off Online Buccaneers

Legal business increasingly comes in over the internet and amid the real opportunities are frequent scams that seek to separate the lawyer from his money. Distinguishing one inquiry from the other can sometimes be challenging. Not long ago, a Dallas law firm received an email from the president of a fictitious company in Denmark seeking […]

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Are Your Clients Making You Crazy? How to Avoid Drama with Maddening Clients

Statistically, over 9 percent of American adults have a diagnosable personality disorder, so it’s likely that some clients you encounter are difficult, obnoxious, or just plain maddening. Given enough information about these disorders and how they may be presented by clients, lawyers can respond better and offer more effective representation. Here in Minnesota, the land […]

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Befriending Time: Breaking Free from Busyness or Stuckness

Attorneys typically function with one eye on the clock, often juggling competing priorities, demands and expectations, both those they impose on themselves and those they take on from others. Many respond with either perpetual busyness or perpetual stuckness.  Changing some personal practices may enable you to befriend time rather than treat it as an adversary. […]

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Commentary: Destroying Your Own Business

What law firms consider their strengths may prove to be their weaknesses in today’s rapidly changing business environment.  Firms that fail to aggressively innovate to meet growing competition may be missing a key opportunity to save themselves. Well before Blockbuster Video actually filed for bankruptcy protection last fall, The Onion produced a prescient video about a […]

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