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Lawyers as Business Associates under HIPAA: Are You Ready?

Law firms with access to protected health information likely will find themselves classified as “business associates” under new HIPAA rules and therefore subject to new privacy, security, and breach-notification requirements governing their handling  of such information. On January 25, 2013, final rules implementing changes to HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules were published in the Federal […]

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When Crisis Strikes Law Firms: What to Do, What to Say

Law firms, relying as they do on public trust and the confidence of clients, have every incentive to act when a crisis threatens to damage their reputation and relationships. Advance planning makes sense: an appropriate response in one instance may be disastrous in another. In 2007, at a prestigious East Coast law firm, a secretary […]

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Successful Succession: Keep Your Best Clients When Boomer Lawyers Leave

The demographic phenomenon known as the baby boom has been shaping all aspects of American life since its advent in 1946—from an unprecedented number of students when the boomers were young, to an unprecedented number of workers during their adult years, to an unprecedented number of retirees in the years ahead.  There is no escaping […]

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Rules of the Game: Business Development for Lawyers

Competition for business is intense, time is short, and there’s no time like the present to hone your business development skills and develop your personal book of business. Textbooks, web resources, and endless published articles are replete with theoretical constructs of ideal marketing programs and business development methodologies. No doubt some of these are useful; […]

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Asking Clients for Referrals: A Missed Opportunity?

Attorneys often neglect to ask current clients for referrals, thereby missing an opportunity.  While deciding whom to ask and when and how to raise the question requires some careful thought, treating a client as a potential source of referrals can produce multiple benefits. Without a doubt, clients can be your best source of referrals. Yet […]

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Networking Effectively & Ethically

Everyone knows that, much like diet and exercise, networking is good for you and that there are lots of excuses for avoiding it. Practicing lawyers confronting the need to “get out there and network!” find it engenders powerful attitudinal obstacles. But unless you tap networking as a business development tool you will consistently fall short […]

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Landing on Your Feet: Outplacement Services Make It Easier

Hard times make for hard choices, sometimes including termination of employment relationships.  Outplacement services can serve both the employer and the employee in these circumstances, preserving good will for the former and enabling the latter to quickly move on to new opportunities. Severing employment relationships involuntarily is never pleasant, personally or professionally, no matter what […]

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