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Changes Afoot for FMLA

Unchanged over 15 years on the statute books, the federal Family & Medical Leave Act has often been applied and construed by Minnesota’s federal district and appellate courts.  Change is now in the wind, as the Department of Labor has issued proposed regulations that are expected to take effect later this spring. This winter—February 5, 2008, […]

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What Do They Have in Mind? Minnesota’s Drug -Testing Law Turns 20

  For 20 years Minnesota has had one of the most complicated and employee-friendly drug-testing laws in the country. While questions of when federal law preempts the Minnesota statute remain, employers are well-advised to proceed carefully if they require applicants or employees to undergo drug testing. This September marks the 20th anniversary of Minnesota’s Drug […]

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Doocing the Blogzilla: Managing Workplace E-Communications

New forms of electronic communications pose unique challenges for those seeking to determine appropriate bounds for communications at and about the workplace. Clear and concise policies saying what is and is not permissible can help all parties avoid situations where it’s necessary to “dooce the Blogzilla.” Your client is very agitated … a late-night, impromptu Google search has led […]

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