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The Perilous Path to Long-Term Care: It’s Not Really about Asset Protection

Medical Assistance has served as the safety net for those of limited means who require long-term care for almost half a century.  The next half century promises unprecedented growth in our elderly population.  Unfortunately, few have made adequate legal or financial arrangements to provide for themselves through a period of long-term care.  And trying to […]

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Instructions for Paulette

Acknowledging one’s own mortality is difficult in the best of times, but realizing how hard it will be for those left behind may be just the motivation needed to prepare for the unexpected.  A systematic approach to planning offers peace of mind for all. My wife’s cousin and his wife retired several years ago to rural […]

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The Price of Admission: Liability and Responsibility for Nursing Home Expenses

Caring for elderly relatives and clients has numerous costs, both financial and otherwise, but liability for another’s nursing home expenses isn’t a burden everyone needs to assume.  How you handle the nursing home admission agreement can make a significant difference in determining who’s responsible and what options the parties retain. Whether you advise clients or […]

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