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Arbitration Agreements & Collective Action: The Consumer, the Class, and the FAA

The Supreme Court’s Concepcion decision has brought significant clarification to a turbulent area of competing policy considerations involving agreements to arbitrate, but questions remain regarding just where the balance should be struck between favoring arbitration and protecting consumers. When federal policy (embodied in the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA)) favoring arbitration comes into conflict with consumer-friendly […]

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Sales Tax on Legal Services

A Very Bad Idea Since the sales tax was first introduced in Minnesota in the 1960s, Minnesota has rejected the extension of the sales tax to legal services as bad public policy on no less than three occasions. Minnesota’s historical position on this issue has been the right one, and is in keeping with 46 […]

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A Perfect Storm: Credit-Card Litigation Climate Changes

Recent amendments to the Truth in Lending Act, coupled with challenges to mandatory arbitration clauses and a litigation climate that favors consumer protection actions may lead to an increase in class actions and individual claims of statutory violations involving consumer credit-card agreements.

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