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Risk-Shifting Indemnity Agreements in Construction: Are They Finally Demolished?

Minnesota legislation that took effect August 1 seems to have been intended to curtail contractors’ ability to shift their risk of loss for defective construction.  But late amendments to the legislation, including an undefined term “project-specific insurance,” leave uncertain whether the legislative intent has been realized. rior to 1984, contractors involved in building-construction projects could […]

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Watch Your Language: Analyzing Minnesota’s Anti-Indemnification Law after Bolduc

Construction contractors seeking indemnification from, and the transfer of liability to, others would do well to sharpen the language of their written agreements. Over the years, general contractors in the construction industry have been developing and testing indemnification language in their subcontract agreements with the intent of transferring liability for the general contractor’s own negligence […]

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Incomplete Repairs: New Remedies for Disputes in Residential Construction

Minnesota’s newest Notice and Opportunity to Repair Law offers remedies to help homeowners  and homebuilders resolve their construction-related disputes without litigation but additional changes to the law are needed before the repairs to the previous statute can be considered complete. Not only is a family’s home its “castle,” it is often their largest asset. After moving into […]

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