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OLPR Investigation Procedures

Anot infrequent underlying cause of lawyer complaints and misconduct is when the lawyer attempts to handle a matter in an area of law with which she is not familiar. The criminal defense lawyer who tries to represent a personal injury plaintiff; the real estate lawyer handling a relative’s contested marital dissolution; the corporate lawyer helping […]

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Client Security Board

“Client Security Board Approves Claims.”  So reads the standard headline to the press release issued by the Minnesota Client Security Board (CSB) following one of its quarterly meetings.  This flat, nondescriptive statement hardly does justice to the workings of the board, the volunteers who serve on it, or the staff hours that this office provides to […]

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All government, indeed every human benefit and enjoyment, every virtue, and every prudent act, is founded on compromise and barter.  —Edmund Burke1 As I write this month’s column, we are in the first weeks of the partial shutdown of state government.  Obviously, our leaders in the Legislative and Executive branches of state government were unable […]

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Three Rules of Professional Conduct

There are Rules of Professional Conduct with which an active attorney crosses paths almost every day. Whether the attorney stops to think about it or not, the rules on competence, diligence, communication, fees, confidentiality and others are an integral part of a lawyer’s daily existence; if not, then they should be. Then there are some […]

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Professional Ethics & Elimination of Bias

As I write this month’s column, we are in the midst of the annual end-of-season blitz of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars, just in time for those attorneys who need credits before their three-year reporting deadline arrives.  Especially prominent and popular are seminars on legal ethics and elimination of bias (EOB).  As I hope all […]

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Ethics Issues in ADR Practice

A new cable television series, “Fairly Legal,” reportedly depicts the world of mediation as remarkably glamorous and profitable.  By way of disclaimer, I’ve never seen an entire episode of this show, only promos and snippets while channel surfing, so my take may be skewed. But I have to wonder whether many (any?) lawyers engaged in […]

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Fee Disputes

In my discussions with lawyers around the state during bar functions or continuing legal education presentations, I’ve learned that there are many myths, or at least misunderstandings, about what types of complaints the Office of the Director of Lawyers Professional Responsibility investigates or doesn’t investigate, and about what types of matter can result in discipline.  […]

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Summary of Admonitions

In calendar year 2010, the Director’s Office resolved 122 files with admonitions that were issued to Minnesota attorneys for isolated and nonserious misconduct.1 Twenty-six lawyers entered into stipulations for private probation that were approved by the Lawyers Board chair;2 these stipulations resolved an additional 34 complaint files.  A summary of the admonitions and private probation […]

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Life Begins at 40

On January 4, 1971, a small state agency began operations.1 It was called the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility and operated in conjunction with the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board, which oversaw the office and acted as adjudicators in contested matters.  The substantive disciplinary rules that the office was established to enforce had been in effect […]

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Keeping Up With the Neighbors

Each month, a fairly large volume of mail crosses my desk. Even with the Director’s Office’s excellent staff processing the majority of new complaints, district ethics committee reports, case-related correspondence, complainant appeals, etc., there is still no shortage of documents and information crossing my desk. Thus, sometimes I almost miss reviewing a particularly interesting and useful […]

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