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Why MSBA? Better Ask, Why Not?

It is that time of year again. Soon, at least 1,500 of our fellow members will receive a notice informing them that their membership in the state bar association has been terminated. Why? Because they have not paid their membership dues, which leads me to ask in turn, Why? Given all of the benefits of […]

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Once More, With Feeling!

I’mmm baaaccckk!!” Who can forget this memorable line uttered by Randy Quaid in the movie, Independence Day?  Like Quaid, the topic of pro bono may echo that unforgettable phrase as I address it in this month’s column. Pro Bono Month It should be no surprise to anyone that an attorney who is employed by a […]

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Friends to the Court

Back in February, our most recent past president, Brent Routman, discussed a concept that was aptly named the “AMICUS Society.”  The concept was, from my understanding, the brainchild of Chief Justice Gildea and past president Lew Remele and envisioned an approach whereby attorneys, as a profession, can become true “friends to the court.” The underlying […]

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Where Do We Draw the Line?

In the wake of the shooting in Aurora I am sitting here and wondering, who in the heck needs a 100-round magazine for his or her hunting rifle?  I know that asking this question is going to provoke a reaction, and more likely than not, a negative reaction, but I honestly think that as attorneys […]

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Continuity & Change

Looking at the first real task that has been asked of me as the president of the Minnesota State Bar Association, I have to ask myself, has it been four years already?  It’s hard to believe four years have passed since I attended my very first Council meeting and then President (now the Hon.) Leo […]

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Time to Get Serious

Judge Francis M. Finch, formerly associate justice of the New York Court of Appeals, in an address as president of the New York State Bar Association, declared that the legal profession was overcrowded, and that “pressed by the necessities of a livelihood, there is a danger that men may be tempted to gain money by […]

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Reflections & Refractions

Bar presidents customarily devote their final, May/June President’s Page to giving a retrospective on the year, thanking all the appropriate persons. Still short of that final hurdle, I already feel that instead of being on the rubber chicken circuit of receptions, I’m entering the phase where lame duck is on the menu. Aside from all […]

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Transitions and Reflections

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” —Winston Churchill Late last month, I had the honor and the great personal pleasure of participating in the investiture ceremony of three judges new to our outstanding court of appeals, and, on another occasion, to attend the retirement party […]

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The AMICUS Society: Advocates for Justice

By the time you read this column, the legislature will have been in session for several weeks. Most observers expect the legislative session will be devoid of the fiscal drama of last year. Barring a substantial shift in the budget forecast, the budget will not likely be front and center this year. Bonding, football, and […]

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Choosing the Law

In the wake of the Cook County shooting, our thoughts remain with the victims: our colleague Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell and witness Gregory Thompson, and we hope for their full, complete and speedy recovery.  We recognize attorney John Lillie III for his heroic and successful efforts to help aid the victims of the shooting, […]

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