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Social Skills Practice

One of the privileges of being MSBA President is the opportunity to travel across the state visiting district bar associations at their annual meetings.  It’s a great way to meet members and learn about the issues facing district bars.  These meetings are a lot of fun too.  My recent visit to the 12th District’s winter […]

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Legislative Challenges & Opportunities

The upcoming 2015 legislative session, which began on January 6, brings unique challenges and opportunities for the MSBA.  The Capitol building is under construction and the Republican takeover in the House means we will have to navigate a closely divided legislature, work with new leadership and committee chairs, and build relationships with 26 new House […]

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Lessons from Recent Judicial Elections

Now that the election season is behind us it’s time to examine the results and what they portend for future judicial elections in Minnesota.  At first glance it would appear that Minnesota once again avoided the unseemly partisan politics affecting states just across our borders.  No Minnesota Supreme Court justice was ousted over a controversial […]

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Tomorrow’s Bar Associations

The best-selling author and legal commentator, Richard Susskind, begins his latest book, Tomorrow’s Lawyers, by discussing hockey great, Wayne Gretzky, who famously advised to “skate where the puck’s going, not where it’s been.” Susskind similarly advises lawyers thinking about their futures to plan for a legal market as it will be and not as it […]

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Not Your Mother’s Pro Bono

The MSBA has long been committed to reducing barriers to the justice system for all Minnesotans.  For many years volunteer lawyers have played an important role in helping our state’s neediest seek justice through our civil legal system.  Doing pro bono work, however, is changing in the age of Google, Twitter, and the iPhone.  Fortunately […]

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MSBA’s Race for Relevance

How relevant is the MSBA to you?  For some of our members the MSBA remains extraordinarily relevant.  For others less so.  The association has slowly been losing members over the past two decades.  And many current members are not very engaged.  An unengaged membership is the greatest threat to the future of the association.  Unengaged […]

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Taking Care of Ourselves

Last month I wrote about a bar association spread too thin and the need to focus the MSBA to meet the challenges of a fast-changing legal profession.  The same could be said of our members, many of whom find themselves spread too thin in these challenging economic times.  And thanks to advances in technology—iPhones, iPads, […]

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An Association Spread Too Thin

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, it was producing a hodgepodge of computers.  There were a dozen different versions of the Macintosh and hundreds of peripherals available to the public.  Jobs was horrified.  He directed his team to drop almost everything they were doing and focus on only four great products.  His engineers […]

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Serving Democracy & the Profession

I am proud to be a member of the MSBA because of its historic commitment to educating members of the public about the role of lawyers and courts, and about the rule of law. Educating the public on the roles of lawyers and judges, and on how law actually works, is a service not just […]

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Personal & Professional Development

I am proud to be a member of the MSBA because of the opportunities it provides for members to be leaders. Sure, it may seem obvious to speak about leadership opportunities when you’re the president, but it’s not just about this particular, mighty office (side note: at the April 25 Assembly meeting the announcement will be […]

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