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In eviction proceedings, lawyers = better outcomes

A study arising from the Housing Court Project in Hennepin County proves that legal representation in housing court helps prevent homelessness. Evictions have significant and often tragic consequences for tenants and their families. An eviction notice can spell a nearly immediate need to move out with nowhere to go but to double up with a friend […]

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Beyond the Binary: Practical advice for using gender pronouns 

Misgendering a person—such as referring to someone as “sir” or “she” when they are not—is an act of gender violence. It may seem like an innocent mistake, or not a big deal. But for a transgender person, being misgendered cuts to the core of their identity. “That sensation is a potent split-second mixture of anxiety […]

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Alt-Remedies to Paying Student Loans

In some cases, relief is available Close to $1.5 trillion in loans have been issued to students; most of them are not dischargeable and accrue more interest than the average mortgage or car loan of the last decade. Student loan balances include few discharge options, and have effectively crippled a generation of young people trying to […]

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So Long, Tim Groshens

When Tim Groshens was named executive director of the Minnesota State Bar Association in 1985, Ronald Reagan was president, big hair was stylish, and desktop computers were still just an unsettling rumor in most lawyers’ offices. Amid the myriad changes of the ensuing 34 years, Groshens’ leadership of MSBA staff and his service to officers and […]

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Buyers’ Guide 2019

A warm thanks to these loyal vendors who participated in the January issue of Bench & Bar of Minnesota which included our annual Buyers’ Guide. Please consider these companies / organizations when searching for a product or service. (You may click here to learn more about advertising.) CATEGORICAL LISTINGS OF ADVERTISERS 1031 Reverse Exchanges CPEC1031 […]

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Timeline: Corporate contributions to diversity and inclusion in the legal profession

1999: First steps The legal profession takes its first formal stance on diversity when representing corporate America. This stance is articulated in a letter written by Charles Morgan, then general counsel (GC) of BellSouth. In part, it states: We expect the law firms which represent our companies to work actively to promote diversity within their […]

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Minnesota’s Public School System Goes on Trial

Cruz-Guzman presses the question of what constitutes an adequate public education The achievement gap in America’s schools is one of our nation’s most persistent and pernicious problems. Educators, administrators, researchers, legislators, and courts ceaselessly debate why the gap exists and how to close it. Yet a universal solution—one that is educationally, politically, and economically feasible […]

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Fair Trials in the Age of Facebook

When social media are everywhere, escaping prejudicial publicity becomes almost impossible When there has been intense media coverage of high-profile homicides or other incidents, criminal defendants in Minnesota typically seek to change the venue of a trial from the county where the incident occurred. The goal is to lessen the possibility of the jury including […]

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A Storm on the Farm

What every creditors’ remedies attorney needs to know about the coming agricultural crisis A crisis is currently brewing in Minnesota’s agricultural sector. Years of low commodities prices brought on by a global supply glut have been taking their toll. Over the past several years, many farmers experienced losses due to the low prices, but those losses […]

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The Revolution Continues: Toward greater modernization and uniformity in trust and estate law

Fifty years ago, each state had its own rules and procedures for probating a decedent’s estate.1 The probate process in Minnesota and most other states had changed little for generations and needed modernization.2 The 1969 promulgation of the Uniform Probate Code (UPC)3 upset the status quo, and after some initial opposition the Minnesota Legislature enacted […]

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