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Court denies MSBA petition on admission to the bar

On February 14, the Minnesota Supreme Court issued an order denying, without prejudice, the MSBA’s petition to amend the Rules for Admission to the Bar (File No. ADM10-8008). The requested amendments would have allowed law students to take the bar exam prior to completion of all course work and graduation from law school, provided certain criteria were met. Reducing the time between law school graduation and admission to practice would allow new attorneys to move more quickly into the job market, enhancing their ability to repay student loans.

The Court referred the petition to the director of the Board of Law Examiners to convene an ad hoc committee to evaluate whether to recommend a possible pilot project, and if so, to create the rules and the criteria for evaluation that would apply. The MSBA will have two representatives on the ad hoc committee. The director’s report and recommendations are due by March 1, 2020. The MSBA wishes to thank Michael Boulette, Sarah Soucie Eyberg (who also chaired our Early Bar Exam Committee), and George Henry for drafting the petition.

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