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Civ Lit Time’s Up manual now on Amazon

A print edition of the Civil Litigation Section publication Time’s Up: A Manual of the Statutes of Limitations in Minnesota for Civil Litigators is now being offered for purchase through Amazon. The manual identifies and organizes time limits imposed for civil claims in the Minnesota Statutes. This manual covers statutes of limitation, statutes that direct action by a party during the pendency of a civil lawsuit, and statutes that direct a person or an entity to take a certain action within a specific time. It covers time limitations in the Minnesota Statutes as well as in the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure, General Rules of Practice in the District Courts, and the Minnesota Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure. The manual, which organizes the time limits by statute and rule numbers, is updated on an annual basis.  

To find the manual on Amazon, search for Minnesota civil litigation under Books.  As always, members of the Civil Litigation Section receive a free digital copy of the book with their annual membership. If you are interested in joining the section, you can find information and register online at (Members tab).

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