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Bars’ joint low-fee project expands

The Statewide Low Fee Family Law Project, a collaboration between the Minnesota State Bar Association and the Hennepin County Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Service, serves clients who are not financially eligible for pro bono legal services, yet cannot afford the market rate services of a private attorney. In order to qualify for services, potential clients must be currently employed or on Social Security and have an income source that falls between 125-250% of the federal poverty guidelines. Clients pay a billable rate of $55 per hour. There is a required retainer of $500, with a $30 administrative fee paid by the client.

The project is currently taking referrals from clients, but is still seeking participating attorneys, particularly in northern Minnesota. Participating attorneys can build their practices, especially those interested in expanding their practice to include alternative fee arrangements. In particular, the project seeks to expand the number of attorneys providing unbundled (or limited scope) legal services. For more information and an application, please contact Dana Rindahl at the HCBA: or (612) 752-6627.

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