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mndocs: your SaaS-y document assembly tool

In early 2015 the MSBA moved its flagship document automation tool, mndocs, to a new platform at HotDocs Market. This new system provided a number of benefits to members, including platform-independent and geographically unrestricted access to gold standard templates and client data. mndocs on HotDocs Market is a secure cloud-based system. You can learn more about mndocs and HotDocs Market at

What else has changed? With the move to HotDocs Market, mndocs transitioned into a “software as a service” (SaaS) model. It means you no longer have to periodically download new form sets and updated applications, or continually worry about whether you have form templates that reflect recent statutory and other changes in the law—just by logging into your account, you immediately have access to the current forms and all your data, regardless of device.

Document assembly boasts many benefits to attorneys, including reductions in errors and drafting time (by up to 95 percent!), the consolidation of a firm’s institutional knowledge, and improved profitability. To learn more, check out one of the upcoming webinars or CLEs, which are listed at

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