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MSBA adds third lobbying priority for 2018

The MSBA has named as a third lobbying priority for the 2018 Minnesota Legislative Session: updating and amending existing organizational laws for Minnesota business and nonprofit entities. The proposal was brought forward by the Business Law Section.

In November, the MSBA Legislative Committee had recommended a delay in identifying a third priority in part because of uncertainty regarding whether a tax bill would materialize in the 2018 session. The MSBA has four legislative positions that it would lobby for inclusion in a tax bill.

Although it remains uncertain whether a tax bill will materialize, the MSBA chose the Business Law Section position as a priority because it will likely be accomplished earlier in the session, before significant action on a tax bill. The provisions of any tax bill would likely be controversial, as legislators are expected to address whether to conform with recent federal tax law changes.

The other two MSBA lobbying priorities for the session, as reported last month, are to address the constitutional infirmity in the sentencing of juveniles for heinous crimes and to revise the statute of limitations for injury to property occurring prior to the date of substantial completion of an improvement to real property.

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