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MSBA TECHstar: Welcoming our new robot overlords

Among the many great sessions at this year’s MSBA TECHstar Conference on Monday, October 9, will be Fastcase’s CEO and co-founder, Ed Walters, talking about AI, Ethics, and the Law of Robots. In addition to his duties driving Fastcase to better serve its 800,000 subscribers (including MSBA members), Walters, who teaches a class on the law of robots at Georgetown Law, will be sharing some of his insights and expertise with attendees at this year’s conference. (You can follow Ed on Twitter at @EJWalters.)

For a sneak preview of Walters’s talk, check out The Law of Robots: Changing Law for Thinking Machines from last year’s Clio Cloud Conference on YouTube: For more information about this year’s tech conference, check out the insert in this issue of Bench & Bar or visit

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