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Freelance Web Designer

The Minnesota State Bar Association is a professional association in the process of redesigning our website ( We are seeking a professional Web Designer with experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL. Experience with ASP.NET, VB.NET, and Sitefinity content management system is a plus but not a requirement.

Project Scope: The MSBA is re-designing the website to enhance its usefulness in communicating the value of the MSBA to members and non-member attorney’s, to identify and maximize the user experience for the most frequent users of the website as well as enhance members ability to provide feedback to and be able to contact the MSBA, to establish the MSBA as a leading force in the legal profession, to ensure ADA, PCI, and security compliance and related best practices. We feel these goals are attainable by cleaning up navigation and making it easier to find content to optimize the website for mobile and high resolution displays.

We are seeking a freelance (contracting) web designer to make our site more functional and aesthetically pleasing. We have a developer and we have been working with a consultant to improve the UX experience. The UX Experience consultant has created wireframes to make our website functionality flow more logically and to be more intuitive. We would want to incorporate these wireframes into the new look and feel. The exact time frame for this project is unknown at this time but will last at least one month with a potential to last through end of 2017.

If this sounds like a great fit for you, please send your resume, your availability, and good and bad samples of designed or re-designed websites that you have been involved with. This can be through a portfolio or samples to: Marcie McClure at  This opportunity is open until filled. If you have questions, call Marcie at (612) 278-6322.


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