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Online document assembly update

The MSBA has long partnered with HotDocs® to help you create finished documents for clients more quickly, reliably, and free of errors by simply answering questions in interviews. The Minnesota-specific set of forms is called mndocs. Still, using the original system did require members to install software and updates periodically.

To free members from that chore and give more flexibility, the MSBA now makes all interview-based forms available online through HotDocs Market.® All updates to base forms’ content occur there, behind the scenes. Lawyers need only log in—from any computer, using any web browser—to assemble documents for clients in Adoption, Business Law, Criminal Law, Guardianship, Conservatorship, Family Law, Probate, and Real Property. An update of all existing Electronic Conveyancing Blanks (automated versions of UCBs) to include eCRV numbers (and the newest joint-tenancy language, where needed) is pending only some quality-control steps.

Of course, you can still download and re-use the “answer files” you create, and the finished document that you download is in a format you can still edit and format to ensure it meets your standards and your clients’ needs. For more information, or to learn about our upcoming webinar series, visit

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