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Check out Fastcase improvements

As you may have heard, the MSBA renewed its relationship with Fastcase effective January 1, 2017. Through this partnership, the MSBA is able to offer members free legal research (a savings of almost $1,000 annually). According to a recent survey conducted by Clio, Fastcase is the number two legal research tool in the market, trailing only Westlaw (and that by less than a quarter of 1 percent). But in addition to basic legal research, Fastcase has made several improvements, including its new and more user-friendly interface, Fastcase 7, and a court opinions by email system (based on the MSBA’s Court Ops by Email service) that allows members to receive email alerts for not only federal civil, state civil, federal criminal, and state criminal opinions, but also bankruptcy and tax court decisions.

  • To learn more about the court opinions service, visit:
  • To learn more about Fastcase 7, check out one of the monthly free CLE webinars available:
  • To read more on current trends in the legal profession, check out the 2016 Legal Trends Report from Clio at:

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