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Coming to Compliance community

A new Compliance Community at is under development by co-moderators Jessica Tjorneho (senior ethics & culture specialist at Medtronic) and Stacey Supina (managing director—GRC at Legal Research Center). Like other communities at, the forum will host conversations among like-minded professionals. But the compliance community will also include a growing library of blog posts and whitepapers addressing the specific needs of compliance professionals. The new forum will also be a place for the growing number of students who express interest in compliance careers to begin developing their professional reputations.

“The value of the community,” says Tjorneho, “is as a venue for local ethics & compliance professionals to chat about best practices, to help each other overcome hurdles we are facing in our jobs and in the profession, and to benchmark and learn from each other as it relates to raising the bar for our respective programs.”

To learn more about this project, contact Mike Carlson (

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