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Bar leaders drill down in diversity workshops

The MSBA recognizes diversity as a core value and has committed to making leadership training a central component of our diversity and inclusion work this year. Last month the MSBA hosted another series of diversity and inclusion workshops for bar leaders with consultant Kathleen Nalty. The goal was to deepen our understanding of how diversity and inclusion efforts affect the practice of law and help us to identify concrete steps that bar leaders can take to incorporate diversity and inclusion strategies into the work they do through the bar association and in their professional lives. Throughout each of the various workshops, Nalty focused on teaching skills and providing tools for achieving an inclusive environment that will foster sustainable diversity throughout the legal profession. She also shared with participants the benchmarking system she uses to assess an individual’s or organization’s progress toward diversity and inclusion in the legal profession and to offer a path forward with concrete action steps.

The MSBA is committed to expanding our base of diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Leveraging that talent and maximizing the participation of all members will help us become a better and stronger bar association. This is an imperative for the practice of law in the 21st Century. Thanks to all the members of the MSBA Assembly, Council, Diversity and Inclusion Council, Section/Committee Chairs, Diversity Liaisons, District Bar leaders and Affinity Bar leaders who participated in these workshops. Visit our webpage at to read more about the MSBA’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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