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Wanted: your Casemaker feedback

Casemaker has been our free-to-members legal research provider for almost four months now. Last year the MSBA chose to switch to Casemaker primarily because our member evaluation committee found it easier to use. We also liked Casemaker’s full-text searchable content and the fact they responded quickly to member feedback. Prior to launch in July, Casemaker added six collections at our request and, thanks to member feedback, Casemaker is now adding more decisions from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board as well as unpublished appellate case law to the alerting system, Casemaker Digest. (While unpublished decisions were always available in Casemaker, they were not part of the alerting system.) Other improvements to the Casemaker Digest are also in the works thanks to member feedback.

The more our members use Casemaker, the better it gets. Let us know which materials you would like to see added to Casemaker by contacting Mike Carlson at (612) 278-6336. Also, join us on November 16, 3-4 p.m., for Legal Research for the T-Shaped Lawyer in the Presidents Room at the MSBA. We’ll review the history of legal research and demonstrate strategies for completing the sort of common legal research tasks that today’s ‘T-shaped lawyers’ are expected to manage efficiently.

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