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MSBA launches new online communities 

The MSBA has launched new ways for members to engage with each other online. The communities at now offer members opportunities for online discussions, announcements, and document-sharing. will also host the documents and resources of the MSBA’s popular practicelaw program. Some new online communities are already underway, such as a new community for members who had been using the solo/small listserv. Others, such as a community for each section of the MSBA, will be rolled out on a gradual basis.

Why has the MSBA moved to this platform? The technology being used to host the MSBA listservs is nearing the end of its serviceable life and needs replacement. By now you should have received messages from any group of which you are a member as well as a message from a new listserv email address. Be sure to whitelist this address. If you haven’t been receiving messages like you used to, check your junk/spam filter. If you have questions, contact your section liaison or group administrator.

The new discussion forums operate like the old ones – via email – but they also allow members to do several
other things:

  • Choose to receive a daily or weekly digest of email communications so your inboxes are not filled with single-message emails;
  • share documents in a community library;
  • make announcements pertinent to your community;
  • Search for documents in practicelaw or elsewhere on the site using a keyword search.

With the move to Casemaker on July 1, the MSBA also upgraded its Court Opinions by Email service. The delivery mechanism is Casemaker Digest. In addition to an improved interface, this new service allows members greater functionality and customization. Members can add additional filtering to reduce the volume of messages received, or even add additional courts, cases, judges, or keywords to their service. Again, be sure you have the Casemaker Digest email whitelisted to ensure you continue to receive your updates.

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