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MSBA Assembly action 

At its June 24 meeting, the Assembly took the following actions:

  • Adopted a proposal to expand the pool of members eligible to participate in the MSBA’s judicial poll for statewide contested races by allowing any individual attorney member of the MSBA to opt in, and any section to opt in.
  • Adopted a proposal that the MSBA form an independent expenditure fund. Creating a fund will allow the association to promote an endorsed judicial candidate to the general public without running afoul of campaign finance laws. If it chooses to do so, the MSBA Council can endorse a judicial candidate who receives at least 75 percent of the vote in the MSBA’s judicial poll.
  • Adopted a proposal to amend the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure to require that at least 50 percent of unclaimed, undistributed residual funds in state court class actions be donated to the Minnesota Legal Aid Foundation Fund, and to update many of the Rules to conform to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

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