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Introducing the Legal Tech Assessment

The MSBA is on track to be the first bar association to offer the Procertas Legal Tech Assessment (LTA) as a member benefit. The LTA is the brain child of Casey Flaherty, former counsel for Kia Motors. Flaherty created the LTA to test whether Kia’s outside counsel knew its way around common software tools well enough to perform legal work efficiently. Flaherty learned that where technology is concerned, most law firms were suffering from what he termed “delusions of adequacy.”

“The people who were delegating the work assumed it was being performed correctly,” he said. “The people doing the work thought they were performing it correctly. Both were wrong.
They didn’t know what they didn’t know. It was neither intentional nor evidence of incapacity. It was quite simply a lack of awareness and training. With the LTA, they were able to test out of training they did not need, and, instead, follow a learning plan tailored to their individual, identified deficiencies. It made for an easy fix that had a profound effect on how work was handled.”

The LTA badge on a member profile will assure prospective clients that a member is capable of efficiently performing standard legal tasks in Word, Excel, and Adobe. The initial message to members is this: Don’t freak out. The LTA is not a means to shame members into becoming more tech-savvy lawyers. The LTA modules are merely an opportunity for timekeepers to demonstrate their commitment to efficient process management. Look for the first LTA module in February. Members will receive a significant discount. For questions, contact Joe Kaczrowski ( or Mike Carlson (

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