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Court issues orders 

Amending rules of Continuing Legal Education

In response to a joint petition filed by the MSBA and the MN Board of Continuing Legal Education requesting that the cap on the number of credits allowed for law office management be eliminated, the court issued an order promulgating that change effective July 1, 2016. The recommendation that the MSBA advocate this change came from the Practice Management and Marketing Section, with support from the New Lawyers Section.

Promulgating changes to rules of No-Fault Insurance Arbitration procedure

The court issued an order promulgating changes to the Rules of No-Fault Insurance Arbitration Procedure that were proposed by the court’s standing committee covering this topic. The changes are effective March 1. The MSBA had filed comments expressing concern with some of the proposed changes and proposing alternative language. While the court’s order mentions they received comments from the MSBA, the court did not incorporate any of the changes proposed by the MSBA or provide any explanation of why they were rejected.


Correction March 1, 2016: In last month’s MSBA in Action item regarding a court order promulgating changes to the rules of no-fault insurance arbitration procedure, we indicated that the court rejected MSBA recommendations in making its order. In fact, while the court did not address most of the concerns raised by the MSBA, the final language of Rule 41 (regarding rescheduling or cancellation fees) is largely that recommended by the MSBA to ensure that parties would not be penalized for settlement. We apologize for the misstatement. 

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