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New legislative positions adopted by Assembly

The Assembly recently approved several new MSBA legislative positions on the recommendation of the Legislative Committee, chaired by Chris Morris. Among the new positions, the MSBA will:

  • oppose any “cooperative private divorce” or similar legislation that would remove judicial oversight of family law matters;
  • support statutory changes to Minnesota’s parenting expense adjustment for child support calculation in order to reduce or eliminate drastic changes in child support awards based upon small differences in parenting time schedules;
  • propose that the State of Minnesota designate the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day in addition to Columbus Day;
  • support the authority of the Minnesota Supreme Court to govern Minnesota’s judicial branch, the administration of justice by the judicial branch, and the practice of law in Minnesota, and oppose measures that would usurp or undermine that authority.

At its January 2016 meeting, the MSBA Council will establish legislative lobbying priorities for the 2016 session.

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