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Your thoughts on retirement?

MSBA Executive Director Tim Groshens writes:

On two different days last month I ran into old law school classmates. Within seconds the conversation turned to retirement. One of the classmates had left his firm and was working part-time. He wore a big smile as he talked about it. The other was continuing full-bore at his firm. His response to the question of retirement was to vigorously shake his head simultaneously yes and no and emit a “yaaa… nooo… ahhh” sound. One of the purposes of the bar association is to be a forum for topics of interests to lawyers. There are many lawyers near or in retirement. If you are interested in writing for or reading blog posts on the subject of retiring lawyers, let me know.

You can write me at with your thoughts, or call me at (612) 278-6335. I look forward to hearing from you.

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