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The New mndocs: A Guided Tour

The MSBA launched the new mndocs on HotDocs Market last month at the Family Law Institute in St. Paul. A rep from HotDocs was on hand to explain document automation and give tours of the new platform. Visit to view a recording of the talk or to see a demo of the new mndocs. A schedule of upcoming live webcasts is also posted.

Many MSBA members have relied on mndocs to make their practice lives easier. As Jeffrey Colyer, a Wayzata attorney, offers: “I appreciate the opportunity to use the mndocs probate and real estate library sets on almost a daily basis. I easily enter client data into mndocs and proceed to prepare variety of probate and real estate documents. Since real estate is frequently a part of a probate estate and likely sold after the initial opening of the probate file, I use the same database created for the probate file to prepare real estate documents.”

An annual subscription to mndocs is only $175 – an amount easily saved in your first month of usage. And with the new mndocs, you automatically get all updates from the MSBA, including hundreds of new and updated forms currently in development and scheduled for release in the coming weeks.

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