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Digital Dexterity

Minnesota’s Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure were amended effective July 1, 2014.  The changes anticipate the digitization of all court records.  One important change: no more appendices.  There was a sense that appendices had become too long—and aren’t needed, now that the appellate courts have full electronic access to the lower court record.

Without an appendix, it will be important for the court to be able to find what you are citing in the record.  To make that easier, the district courts are now assigning unique numbers to docket entries in the case register (as in the federal courts).  So instead of citing to Affidavit of Jane Roe filed on March 18, 2014 at page x, you will be able to cite to a document entry number, for example, Doc. ID #Y at page x.  This will be shorter and more precise, especially since Jane Roe may have filed more than one affidavit!  So watch for the numbered docket entries and use them in citing.

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