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Landlord-Tenant Calls

As any lawyer who has advertised landlord-tenant services knows, calls from tenants tend to be unproductive. This is because most landlord-tenant problems boil down to money, and most of the time, tenants are better off spending their money on rent, not on a lawyer. Bigger problems, unfortunately, do not usually make good contingent-fee cases.

Anyone who hopes to take landlord-tenant cases must therefore wade through a ton of dead ends in order to uncover a case worth taking. There is a better way.

In Minnesota, we have an excellent nonprofit tenant hotline, HOME Line ( or (612) 728-5767). HOME Line is free for Minnesota tenants, with the partial exception of Minneapolis tenants. (Foreclosure advice is free, and Minneapolis tenants should still call, because they can get extremely low-cost help ($75/hour) from extremely experienced tenant-side lawyers.)

Unless you know a landlord-tenant lawyer who really is interested in sifting through hundreds of calls for every client and willing to dole out plenty of free advice, refer tenants who come your way to HOME Line. At HOME Line, they will get the advice they need regardless of their ability to pay.

Sam Glover

The Glover Law Firm



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