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Who Is My Client?

In the wake of the recent holiday parties some attorneys may have cause to reflect with concern on conversations they may have had with acquaintances who raised law-related questions.  Was an attorney-client relationship formed, and if so, what are the implications? Many of us vaguely remember encountering variations of this rhetorical question in the hypotheticals we discussed in […]

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The Changing Face & Sound of Music

Changing technology offers artists and listeners alike new opportunities to connect but the very pace of such change challenges artists, songwriters, and recording companies to find new ways to safeguard and derive income from their intellectual property.   Music has power and is everywhere.  It accompanies us on the drive to work, in the elevator, […]

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‘Tis (Still) the Season …

The onset of the New Year, coming at the end of an often hectic and emotional holiday season, offers some relief from the craziness and, before we plunge back into the daily grind, a good time to step back and think about what’s important.  For me, like many of you, the answer is family.  It’s […]

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Cross-Border Practice

Attorneys staffing the advisory opinion service at the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility frequently are asked whether, or in what circumstances, an attorney from another state and not licensed in Minnesota may represent a client in Minnesota.  Sometimes the call comes from an out-of-state lawyer who wishes to provide such services; sometimes it’s a local […]

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Automatic Stay Misunderstood

The automatic stay language of Rule 125 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice is often misunderstood.  Many lawyers include language in stipulated documents as follows: “Notwithstanding Gen. R. Prac. 125, Let Judgment Be Entered Immediately.” Such language is not necessary in stipulated documents.  Rule 125 and the comment specifically state that the stay applies […]

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Medicare Secondary Payer Act Compliance

There are no simple answers when complying with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act in your workers’ compensation, no-fault/automobile or liability claim.  In any of these cases where future medical care and treatment is closed out, it is important to consider and protect Medicare’s future interests—do not forget about conditional payments too!  Failure to address these […]

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Veterans’ Rights

Military veterans and some of their spouses had a new statute to celebrate on Veteran’s Day last November.  They may obtain preference in hiring and promotions in the private sector under a new law enacted in the last legislative session.  The measure authorizes private sector employers to grant unspecified “preference” in hiring and promotion to […]

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