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Multijurisdictional Practice

You are contacted by the resident of another state for whom you wish to provide legal advice on a pending matter.  However, you are not licensed in that state and are concerned about the unauthorized practice of law.

If the state has adopted American Bar Association (ABA) Model Rule of Professional Conduct (MRPC) 5.5 (Unauthorized Practice of Law; Multijurisdictional Practice of Law) you may be able
to provide temporary legal services.  If the issue arises out of or is reasonably related to your practice in a state in which you are licensed, you may consult on the matter.  See, ABA MRPC 5.5 (c) (4).  You may also provide such temporary services if it involves an alternative dispute resolution proceeding (i.e. mediation or arbitration) or is before a tribunal which has or is likely to grant you pro hac vice status.  ABA MRPC 5.5 (c) (1), (2) and (3).

Michael J. Ford

Quinlivan & Hughes, PA, St. Cloud

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