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Pro Bono Opportunity

A nonprofit youth and family service provider in Bemidji seeks to recover revenues owed the agency due to a billing dispute with Hennepin County. The nonprofit served a minor Hennepin County resident in a chemical dependency treatment program and was only paid for part of the time the young man was a resident. The residency dates were Oct. 1, 2009-March 17, 2010. The young man’s insurance company, MEDICA, paid roughly 100 days of this stay. They subsequently denied the remainder of the bill due to the fact that they claimed treatment services were not “medically necessary.” MEDICA won a DHS administrative hearing on this issue. The nonprofit argues that Hennepin County never took responsibility to remove the young man from the agency’s care after he had been placed. There is no argument about the dates of service, nor about the fact that the young man received quality services. The nonprofit admits to a technical error in the billing process, but does not believe that should preclude Hennepin County from paying for the service received. The amount in question is approximately $14,000. See for information about this and other pro bono opportunities.

Robert Enger

Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota

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