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Thank You Letters

As a practitioner in the area of Social Security Disability claims, I always ask medical professionals treating my clients to either complete an opinion form I send them or write a letter laying out how medical problems limit the client’s activities. I also explain how what SSA is looking for differs from what’s required for workers’ compensation or personal injury claims. These clients are often in dire financial situations and the doctors usually waive their fee for doing this extra work. When we get a favorable decision, I write to the health professional, thanking them for taking the time to thoroughly and completely respond and explaining what impact their input had on my client’s claim. I do this under two assumptions: First, health professionals are as busy as we are and must just groan when they see paperwork to fill out on top of everything else they did that day. Second, by letting them know the personal impact of what they did, I am hoping I increase the chances they will do a great job when other attorneys ask for help on a claim.

Ardys M Korstad

Korstad Law Office LLC

Amboy, MN 

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