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Mongolian Web Address

Are you having trouble getting that perfect website address (URL) that you want because there are other businesses or law firms in the world that thought of it first?  Before you change your name, try going to Mongolia.  Seriously.

If many other Minnesotans share your name, it’s not easy naming your new law firm or getting a URL that is appealing, sensible, and not already in use by another lawyer.  So, consider getting a website address and related email account with a distinctive “.mn” extension.  It makes perfect sense for a Minneapolis-based civil litigation firm, and it only cost me $69.99.

Worried that this “.mn” web address happens to be the “internet country code top-level domain” for Mongolia? No one else around here seems to know or care. And it is, not surprisingly, becoming a popular URL extension for Minnesota companies (see I may even pick up a case or two that requires me to travel to Asia for depositions.

So, I have decided to keep my good name despite all of the other law firms nationally using it in their firm name, and despite solid competition from at least two other Minnesota lawyers who share my name. I just wish William Mitchell would stop sending me alumni donation reminders for Patrick Burns.

Patrick R. Burns

Burns Law Firm, PLLC


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