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September 2010

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Representing the Small Business in Troubled Times

Small businesses in the best of times face the challenge of getting paid for goods and services rendered, but troubled times increase the risk that a customer will default.  While there are no guarantees, a few tools are available to maximize the prospect of getting paid. Trying to come up with the definition of a […]

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To Protect and Deter

“To Serve and Protect” is the well-known motto of police forces everywhere.  While there isn’t an official, comparable motto for lawyer discipline agencies, many courts have supplied one, even if unwittingly.  “To Protect and Deter” could be so proclaimed, since courts have often declared that the purposes of lawyer discipline are protection of the public and […]

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Independent Contractor or Employee? The Focus Shifts Again

Courts, legislators, and government agencies have striven for years to distinguish employees from independent contractors, and the question remains a lively one for attorneys.  With roots in both statutory and common law, the distinction continues to evolve, as a recent decision from the Minnesota Court of Appeals illustrates. The question of whether a worker is […]

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From Classrooms to Dining Rooms

In my August column I made reference to concern expressed by some great Americans who caution that we face a very real threat to our system of democracy and constitutional government. The concern is based on Americans’ lack of knowledge concerning their rights and obligations in our form of constitutional government, as well as the […]

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Sharing the Experience: Assisting the Self-Represented Party

Even before the economy  went sour the number of clients appearing pro se was on the rise, as was the number of attorneys seeking clients.  Limited scope representation can help both attorneys and clients achieve their goals and also ease the burden on the courts. ttorneys are regularly reminded that the availability of legal services […]

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