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OLPR Resources on the Web

Readers familiar with the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board/Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility (LPRB/OLPR) website ( will recognize that the site contains a wealth of information helpful to Minnesota lawyers. You may also recognize that the current design of the website is not a model of efficiency, organization or viewing ease. Lawyers and nonlawyers alike can […]

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Nine Days in June

Shaping Our Future; Valuing Our Past Boozhoo Niijii; Gdinimikoon. Hello, Friend; I greet you in a good way. Well into the first half of the 20th century, American Indian communities, the Ojibwe/Anishinaabe among them, tragically endured the often forced removal of children from their homes, sometimes for years. These children routinely were sent half-way across […]

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Domestic Violence Comes to Work: The Need for a Work-Related Response

Reforms in both criminal and family law over the last 30 years have heightened protection for victims of domestic violence. More recently, an awareness of the effect of domestic violence on the workplace has emerged, and legislatures have responded with an assortment of employment-related reforms. Employers need to be aware of these legal developments and consider […]

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The Practice of Being: Mastering Stress & Finding Meaning as a Lawyer

High stress is a virtual hallmark of the legal profession and high rates of suicide, chemical dependency, and depression among lawyers demonstrate that managing stress is a challenge for many.  Practicing the mental disciplines of mindfulness, acceptance, and personal authenticity offers a way to quell stress and find greater meaning.

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Recovery of Inhouse Legal Fees

The “American rule” notwithstanding, fee shifting is a strategy that can be used to reduce costs and maximize recoveries in many circumstances and it isn’t restricted to traditional outside counsel. In these challenging economic times, lawyers and their clients are looking for ways to reduce costs and maximize recoveries. One way to accomplish these objectives […]

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