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Advisory Opinion Sampler

Last year, the Director’s Office received 2,135 requests for an advisory opinion.  Most such requests are by telephone, although a growing number of attorneys, approximately 10 percent, are taking advantage of the ability to submit questions through the internet from the office’s website.  So far this year, over 1,500 requests have been received through the […]

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The Year of the Student

A plethora of appellate decisions in the past year addressed school-related issues.  At the United States Supreme Court, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Minnesota appellate courts education was the context for many important decisions. Unlike that of most tribunals, including those in Minnesota, the work of the United States Supreme Court has […]

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Civics: To Save a Village, Teach a Child

Boozhoo Niijii; Gdinimikoon. Hello, Friend; I greet you in a good way. The Ojibwe/Anishinaabe people have traditionally shared collective responsibility for the education of the children in their communities; the unique skills, experiences, and wisdom of the individual adults and elders were imparted for the benefit of all of the children and not merely passed down […]

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55 Ways to Lose Your License

Periodically, people who work in the area of professional responsibility are asked whether there are any discernible patterns in the reasons why attorneys are disbarred or suspended from the practice of law. Presumably, those asking hope to find a method to predict and thereby prevent serious misconduct. Others, who believe that lawyers are not subject […]

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Counseling Clients in Financial Distress

Individuals suffering personal financial failure or the failure of their business often need more than legal advice from their lawyer.  Counsel who can identify and address the psychological, ethical, and spiritual aspects of the situation will not only facilitate the restructuring of the client’s financial affairs and have a positive effect on the individual’s personal […]

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2009 Legislative Session in Review

Budget wrangles—including significant cuts to funding for the courts, public defenders, and legal assistance to the disadvantaged—dominated the recent session as legislators and the governor struggled to address a record deficit. MSBA worked actively to support funding for the legal system, to oppose a sales tax on legal services, and to support the Quie Commission […]

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The State of the Judiciary: 2009 – Building a 21st Century Judiciary

The Minnesota judiciary today finds itself in circumstances unlike those even a few years ago and courts are striving to do their work more effectively and efficiently despite limited resources and increased demand for services. Working in partnership with the bar and other entities, the Judicial Branch is rising to meet a variety of challenges, […]

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A Quality Judiciary in Action

A Quality of Justice Worthy of Preservation Boozhoo Niijii; Gdinimikoon. Hello, Friend; I greet you in a good way. The Ojibwe/Anishinaabe people received “seven teachings of the grandfathers”—niizhwaaswi kchitwaa kinomaadiwinan—to guide them in life, and among them were wisdom (nbwaa kaa win), humility (dbaa dendi ziwin), respect (mnaa dendi mowin), truth (deb we win), and honesty […]

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Associating with Leaders: Join to Lead

Boozhoo Niijii; Gdinimikoon. Hello, Friend; I greet you in a good way. I feel tremendously honored and humbled at having been extended the privilege of becoming the president of the Minnesota State Bar Association for the 2009–2010 bar year. In Ojibwe/Anishinaabe traditional culture, the concept of leadership—ogema—is not a European top/down construct where the leader unilaterally […]

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MSBA President 2009-10: Leo Brisbois

The new president of the MSBA is first in several spheres: first MSBA President to graduate from Hamline Law School, first known president of Native American descent, and first Iron Ranger to hold the office. He also offers continuity in his commitment to professional and community service. By Amy Lindgren When Leo Brisbois was asked […]

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