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Associating with Leaders: Join to Lead

Boozhoo Niijii; Gdinimikoon. Hello, Friend; I greet you in a good way. I feel tremendously honored and humbled at having been extended the privilege of becoming the president of the Minnesota State Bar Association for the 2009–2010 bar year. In Ojibwe/Anishinaabe traditional culture, the concept of leadership—ogema—is not a European top/down construct where the leader unilaterally […]

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MSBA President 2009-10: Leo Brisbois

The new president of the MSBA is first in several spheres: first MSBA President to graduate from Hamline Law School, first known president of Native American descent, and first Iron Ranger to hold the office. He also offers continuity in his commitment to professional and community service. By Amy Lindgren When Leo Brisbois was asked […]

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Arbitration’s Appeal: The Grounds Have Narrowed

The United States Supreme Court decision in Hall Street Associates v. Mattel appears to sound the death knell for challenges to arbitral awards on ground of “manifest disregard for the law.” Circuit courts have reached different conclusions in this regard, but the current state of the law is cautionary if you are considering whether to […]

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Karma, Dogma, Dilemma: Religious Accommodation at Work

As society has become more diverse, conflicts between the requirements of employees’ religion and employers’ business have increased, challenging courts and legislatures to devise reasonable accommodations to satisfy both.  Resulting standards are often fact-driven and difficult to interpret, with result that further litigation seems inevitable.   If it seems like you have been hearing and […]

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