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Minnesota’s Legal Safety Net: Many Hands Intertwined

For more than 100 years, Minnesota has been a leader in providing legal services to meet the needs of disadvantaged people unable to afford a lawyer. Many individuals and organizations, including government, attorneys, law firms, and nonprofit organizations are involved in this effort, yet over 75 percent of the legal needs of low-income people are […]

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Judicial Evaluation: The Devil—and the Opportunity—Is in the Details

Support is growing for establishment of a judicial evaluation program in Minnesota to inform the public, aid judges in improving their performance, and foster increasing confidence in the judicial system. Such a program is most likely to succeed if it involves all stakeholders and relies on the expertise of evaluation professionals in design and implementation […]

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Cutting the Cost of Derivative Claims: The Role of the Special Litigation Committee

Shareholder-derivative claims are on the rise as economic turmoil roils the markets and corporate governance draws closer scrutiny from investors suffering significant losses.  Where conflicts of interest may preclude board involvement, a properly constituted special litigation committee offers an efficient and effective way to address derivative claims.  As our country suffers from widespread economic turmoil, […]

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