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Understanding Foreclosures on Real Property

Foreclosures are occurring at an astounding rate.  Many lawyers, not just those who practice in the area of foreclosure, will be fielding a wide variety of real property questions from their clients.   With foreclosures on real property occurring in record-breaking numbers, lawyers practicing in all areas should be familiar with the foreclosure process.  A client […]

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The Civil Litigation Quiz

Do you think you are smarter than a litigator? Get ready to test your knowledge. Did you sleep through Civil Procedure?  Or do you think you are smarter than a litigator?  Are you getting out-maneuvered by those young punks on the other side?  Do judges laugh at your filings, while clerks snicker behind your back?  […]

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Navigating E-Discovery: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Failure to successfully navigate e-discovery can result in serious consequences for attorneys and their clients. Be prepared to recognize, manage, and overcome common pitfalls. Electronic discovery (“e-discovery”) has become a key aspect of litigation of all types and sizes and presents a variety of pitfalls that can entrap unwary attorneys who fail to appreciate their […]

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