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Behind the Scenes: Attorneys and the Republican National Convention

It’s over.  The Republican National Convention has come and (mostly) gone and now it’s time for the reckoning.  Just how many people came to town?  How many chicken sandwiches were consumed?  How many people demonstrated?  The numbers are being sorted, the story is being told, and somehow someone will decide if the event was a […]

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The Privacy Paradox

Ten years after its birth, the right of privacy in Minnesota continues to raise conflicting considerations. In July 1998, Minnesota joined virtually every other state in recognizing an individual’s right of privacy.  After years of unsuccessful effort, privacy advocates enthusiastically greeted the Minnesota Supreme Court’s adoption of a common law right of privacy.  Those who […]

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Minnesota’s New Domestic Abuse Strangulation Statute

Between 20 and 40 women are murdered each year in Minnesota by a domestic partner, often as they are attempting to leave an abusive relationship.  Lawyers and lay persons alike have strong opinions on when the government should intervene in internal family matters, and the costs of doing or not doing so. A two-year old boy […]

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