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Changes Afoot for FMLA

Unchanged over 15 years on the statute books, the federal Family & Medical Leave Act has often been applied and construed by Minnesota’s federal district and appellate courts.  Change is now in the wind, as the Department of Labor has issued proposed regulations that are expected to take effect later this spring. This winter—February 5, 2008, […]

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Orders for Protection: When the Shield Becomes a Sword

Minnesota’s Domestic Abuse Act includes a powerful tool for courts to employ to protect victims of domestic abuse, but few safeguards exist to prevent one party in a family dispute from using it as a weapon to gain advantage over the other. We’ve all heard the horror stories on the news and seen them in […]

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I Due: Characterizing Debt in Marriage Dissolution

Debts, like assets, may be marital or nonmarital and are apportionable in marriage dissolution.  But the factors that courts rely on in apportioning debt differ slightly from those they rely on in apportioning assets. “Love is grand; divorce a hundred grand.” –Author Unknown Anyone who says divorce is easy has clearly never been through one. Stress […]

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