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Social Host Liability in Minnesota

You can be civilly liable as a social host for the activity of underage drinkers if you knowingly or recklessly provided a space for that drinking to occur.  And, soon, you may be criminally liable for such activity even if you are not at home. With the upcoming holidays, many people will be hosting parties where […]

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Combating Attorney Burnout

Attorneys as a rule are not strangers to stress, but employers should take care that the work environment they create is motivating their attorneys to excel and not contributing to attorney burnout. Burnout!  We have all heard colleagues complain that they are “burned out” or nearing burnout. Most of us say we feel burned out when […]

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Enlarging the State Supreme Court

Over 150 years Minnesota’s Supreme Court has grown from three to seven members while lower courts have grown many-fold. Perhaps the time has come to consider adding justices to Minnesota’s top tribunal. “Some say there are nine Muses, but they are wrong.” Plato, No. 36 Minnesota’s 150th birthday, which will be marked with Sesquicentennial celebrations in […]

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