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From Tinker to Bong: The School Bell Tolls for Student Rights

The Supreme Court’s decision this year in Morse v. Frederick marks but the latest in a series of cases balancing the 1st Amendment rights of students with the educational prerogatives of school authorities and other vital concerns. Experience suggests that this volatile area of law will not soon be settled. Nearly 40 years ago, during […]

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Letters of Intent: Their Use in Minnesota Business Transactions

Letters of intent can facilitate the process of deal making but can also create unintended problems. Careful drafting, sensitivity to the interests of buyer and seller, and knowing how courts in the jurisdiction have determined when provisions are binding or nonbinding will help counsel avoid the pitfalls.  In the early stages of many transactions, the […]

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Creating a Satisfying “Second Act” in Your Legal Career

Attorneys are widely perceived as successful in life and many would affirm their satisfaction with their careers. But lawyers who can claim they “couldn’t be happier” are rare, and far more common are those who don’t take time to consider how making changes might yield greater satisfaction. Some of you may remember the movie, City Slickers, […]

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